How a few dollars have helped, especially now!

It’s been almost a year since my last update, but so much has happened, sooo sooo much. This year, I spent even more time in Roatan, but our trip was cut short by Covid-19 – and things just haven’t been the same since.

We have all been through isolations/quarantines, now bubbling (whatever that is), and trying to navigate our future, and I can’t believe this picture is now 6 months old! Where did all this time go?

My dogs love Roatan, their second home.

You can imagine how our world has already changed, but can you imagine what it’s like on a small island, cut off from the rest of the world?

That is what it’s like in Roatan now. So many people are without jobs and have families stuck off the island, not able to return. That is the current situation in Roatan.

Since there are no cruise ships coming in, no flights in or out for tourists – the whole island is suffering. 100% of this islands economy is affected in some way by tourism, with it being the #1 income source on the island at over 70% of the population relying on tourist dollars.

2 of the main Vets were off the island when Covid-19 closed all borders. No volunteer Vets have been able to come in or send supplies for months. No tourists have visited the rescues, adopted or donated for months. And yet, the rescues are busier than ever. To make everything worse, when the island announced it was going to close it’s borders, you can imagine how many pets were left behind as long term tourists and ex-pats (people who moved to Roatan from other countries) rushed to leave without being able to take their pets.

Yet, Olivia still is doing her best to stay uplifted. The dogs are getting the best care possible. You can always read her updates here on her facebook page:

Each month since the shutdown in March has been a challenge for Roatan Animal Shelter

I recently read a post from Olivia at Roatan Animal Shelter (Island Dogs Rock) that she’s isn’t sure how she made it to June, but somehow, she did. I like to think that a few of my favourite friends, who send $5-$10 per month to help her have made a difference. They have 2500 followers on their FB page, if we ALL just added $5 per month to support her shelter, she wouldn’t have to worry wether or not she’ll be able to feed the dogs next month. Thank you to you all of my friends who pool a few dollars together – I really appreciate being a part of the cause.

It’s not ALL bad news, in fact, I have great news to add as well, my favourite rescue dog, Macario was adopted (he’s now Max), here they both are looking super happy!

Sunday fun day!Macario has a new life and a new name: MAX.I like it.Gone is the airport begging times.What made me…

Posted by Island Dogs Rock on Sunday, May 10, 2020
Macario (now Max) with his new owner, don’t they both look happy?

The final part of my update, because you may not know this. I was supposed to bring 2 dogs back to Canada, but because the flight was considered an emergency flight, I was not able to – so I’m planning a flight back as soon as Transat fly to bring them! I will be updating you on this shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions about Roatan Animal Shelter, reach out and let me know.

Be Safe, stay healthy, hug your pets!

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