When we come together, big changes can be made!

I'm not an activist, I'm simply someone who wants to create a community where we can make an impact in our world.

So, people say my dog is pretty cute, and would love for us to "partner" with their brand to promote their product line.  So I asked Chloe what she thought, and this is what she said;

"Yes, of course we'll try ANYTHING, but sometimes, I don't like it - will I have to pretend I do just to be nice???"

Well, of course I told her she never has to pretend to like anything, so tail wagging, she agreed.

Oh, there's a catch - we graciously accept a small fee to help support the work we do with shelters and rescues - so if you have an AWESOME product or pet related business and you need some great exposure, please contact me to discuss working with Chloe and I.

Best Regards,

Ange and Chloe

(P.S.) My Grand-dog, Hank says he's down to try anything as well!


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