When we come together, big changes can be made!

I'm not an activist, I'm simply someone who wants to create a community where we can make an impact in our world.

About Me

Hello! I’m Angela and my insatiable need to travel, as well as an overpowering love for animals, is the inspiration for this vlog.

I’ve had the travel itch ever since my first backpacking trip at age 18 and since then have been all over the Caribbean, Europe, and Australia. My husband and I even backpacked through Cuba for our honeymoon.

I’ve spent the last two decades being a mom, and the last several years as an entrepreneur with a video marketing business. Now that my son is grown up, I found myself in my mid-40s looking for a passion project to throw myself into which led me to planning a two-month journey to Roatan, Honduras.

Why Honduras, you ask?

A woman I follow on social media, Olivia, shares my passion for saving animals from a life of cruelty and giving them warm homes with loving families. I’ve homed several rescue dogs myself and am now dedicating myself to supporting those who selflessly spend their time rescuing animals. I want to raise awareness of those who are doing this amazing work and create a community of fellow rescue dog lovers so that, together, we can give every animal the home they deserve.

As I record everywhere from my home office to the ends of the Earth, I hope you’ll join me on my travels as I immerse myself in new cultures, share my mistakes and triumphs, and talk about life as a female philanthropic entrepreneur entering a new chapter of her life.

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