The Roatan Project

When we come together, big changes can be made!

I'm not an activist, I'm simply someone who wants to create a community where we can make an impact in our world.

In December of this year (2018), Scott (my husband), Chloe (my dog) and I are heading to Roatan, Honduras for an extended stay.  Originally, it was just to see if we could work and live abroad, but the more I learned about the state of animal welfare, the more I knew I had to do something more.  It's funny the way things work - what started out as an extended vacation, quickly turned into something more.

It started after a chat with ex-pat and blogger  Woman On A Raft, and hearing some of her stories (I won't repeat them here, they're terrible, but let's leave it as dogs and rats are basically treated the same on the island by many of the people).  She connected me with Roatan Animal Shelter, who I started following on social media (you can follow her here).  I've been following the work Olivia at the shelter does, and see a need that needs to be filled.  I wanted to share some of the things she's done;

Taken orphaned pups from a vet (who a tourist found and brought in to the local vet to get euthanized)

Created a network of people on the island to help foster, care for and adopt animals

Transported dogs to the mainland for medical care

Sat with animals as they took their last breath because she wasn't able to get to it in time to save it

Taken in more dogs than she can handle

Instrumental in sending a young man to Vet college so he can come back to make a difference

Paid for it with limited donations and out of pocket

So, the main thing I want to do is raise some funds for her, and so this is my first project!  I'm looking for other like-minded people who want to truly make a difference.  Here's what I'm looking for - 100 people who can't do what Olivia does, but who have $5 a month to help shelters like Olivias, who spend their life saving others.  For Nov and Dec, all donations will go towards the Roatan Animal Shelter - and I plan to give to her annually, but if you want to be a part of this group of 100, know that each month, you will help support shelters and rescues who really need the help and support.  In the end - what we're doing is coming together and making it our mission to save the lives of animals who otherwise would live a life of sadness and cruelty!

Will you say yes?  Click the button below to donate, and keep your eye out for ongoing Vlogs, and blogs showing how your donation has been used while I'm at the shelter in Roatan, you can find it all here at

I thank you, the dogs and cats thank you - and I'm certain each rescue thanks you!

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