Ange Kafadar's Mentoring Program

"The Comhlatech Way"

Get started learning how to trade your own money, in your own broker account through this 4 week mentoring series.

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If you've received this link to my 4 week mentorship mini-program, I'm so happy!

10 years ago, I discovered (through a friend) a way to trade with confidence and certainty.

I didn't have to learn how to read charts (although, eventually, I did)

I didn't have to watch the stock market all day ...or trade all day

I didn't have to have a lot of money to start

I didn't have any fear on how to place a trade

What I did have was:

A mentor

An easy to follow forecast

An education program

A community of like-minded people who also wanted to trade (that became my friends)

A proven forecast that worked (for example based on previous data, it wins 74% of the trades, and almost all of those wins were bigger than the losses)

I now invite you to learn more about the Comhlatech way through my short 4-week mentorship program.

You'll get full access to the Forecast, education, live webinars for a full 60 days PLUS you get a 4-week action packed mentoring program where I WALK YOU THROUGH EACH STEP WITH YOU:

Signing up for the forecast

Opening a broker account so you can trade

Funding the account (only $1000 needed, but you don't have to fund the account right away, there is ZERO obligation and you CAN paper trade)

How to get the forecast and how to buy a stock

How to sell a stock

How to use tools to make it all easier

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Sign up for the 4 week, small group Zoom now!

Wednesdays @ 3 pm (Eastern Time), starting November 10th (45 minutes).


It will not be recorded due to the arrangement I have with Comhlatech for sharing their content and the Intellectual Property.

Ange cheers

Reach out if you have any questions.



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